Implementation status



Stage 1 Conceptual model development

  • The complex analysis and comparative approach of fire risk models
  • Development of conceptual models and theories for spatial distribution analysis of fire based on using satellite imagery.


Stage 2 Conceptual and experimental model development

  • Evaluation of artificial intelligence impact upon the fire ignition and propagation predictive models.

Stage 3 Conceptual and theoretical model development

  • Development of conceptual models and theories for the evaluation of fire triggering factors.


Stage 4 Experimental/functional model development and implementation

  • Experimental and functional prediction model development of fire ignition and propagation on pilot areas
  • Development and implementation of experimental model for new products /services etc.


Stage 5 Testing, experimentation, and documentation of products and algorithms for fire susceptibility maps in pilot areas

  • Pilot area selection
  • Product testing and experimentation procedure definition
  • Demonstration version development for pilot areas

Stage 6 Technical recommendations and certification of the project results

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