The main objective is the development of a global monitoring system for forest fires prediction, in accordance with the STAR Programme ESA .

Field: land monitoring

Followed directions: development of algorithms of analysis/mapping of places within NATURA 2000 sites, where they are held or may be held by vegetation fires; integrating GIS into the structure of professional products (technical solutions) for the management of emergency situations caused by bushfires in relation to settlements and infrastructure.

Develop the conceptual models for the different components, subcomponents and systems for geospatial database containing the distribution and the characteristics of forest fires from NATURA 2000 sites in order to create the premises for assessment of spatial distribution of forest fires in Romania using satellite images.

The initial analysis will focus on :

  • the assessment of the role of air temperature onset of wildfires using satellite images;
  • the assessing of the wind in triggering forest fires;
  • the evaluation of soil parameters (including litter)  in triggering wildfires;
  • the analysis of the characteristics of forest vegetation in triggering role of wildfires using satellite images;
  • integration of other vegetation fires triggers (especially human factor);
  • •the design specifications of the components, subcomponents, products, method, system, technology, service etc. and the strategy for integration and technical tests for proving functionality of them.

Based on the study and analysis of technological implementation on the pilot areas and the conceptual models of the components will be developed the experimental models and we will provide new solutions for the predictive model of vegetation fires.

The platform will encompass technological and institutional elements based on a collaborative framework and standardization and will facilitate integration and management based on spatial data standards and interoperability.


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