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SIAFIM Project - forest fire monitoring

The Satellite Images Analysis for FIre Monitoring - SIAFIM project’s proposes the development of conceptual models for fire risk monitoring in temperate forests, using ESA images generated by SAR radar sensors (synthetic aperture radar), medium resolution optical sensors, optical sensors of high resolution (panchromatic images and multispectral), radar altimetry sensors and radiometric sensors and spectrometers.

New technologies/services that will be used and/or developed will be in full compliance with the principles of insurance and security interoperability.

The requirements for developing a successful project of this nature needs a broad spectrum of expertise, ranging from end-users and other stakeholders to database, remote sensing, GIS, user interface design, image processing and mathematical algorithms specialists.

The novelty and originality of the proposed objectives are highlighted by:

  • the integrated approach of driver factors of forest fire at different spatial scales;
  • elaborating, testing and validating prediction and propagation model of forest fire, valuable in temperate region;
  • assessing the patterns of multiple cause of appearance of forest fires;
  • establishing the relation between forest fires susceptibility and intervention capacity;
  • using and adapting state of the art methods such as multi-criteria assessment, agglomerative hierarchical clustering, prediction models (GLS, logistic, ANN).