SC Termoficare Oradea SA improves heating network management

SC Termoficare Oradea SA improves heating network
Smart utility management solution to centralize asset data, integrate with other enterprise systems, and streamline field operations.

SC Termoficare Oradea SA manages the transmission and distribution of the heating energy network in Oradea city, Romania. The company manages 219,5 km of heating infrastructure that supports over 63.000 households, 226 public institutions and approximately 1937 economical agents in the area.

The heating transport and distribution network managed by SC Termoficare Oradea SA has a complex design and needs rehabilitation in order to ensure long-term sustainability of the system and to reduce energy losses. SC Termoficare Oradea SA is focusing on the development of a centralized transport and distribution system for the heating energy, the final goal being to provide a sustainable urban heating system with affordable prices for the people of Oradea City.

The company choose to implement a specialized geospatial solution designed to integrate all its data and workflows in a unique database with help of Intergraph Computer Services, Romania.  Featuring Hexagon Geospatial’s technologies, ICS developed a modern enterprise IT solution that powers all our operational, tactic and strategic activities.

The solution is designed to simplify, integrate all data and workflows in a centralized database, allowing controlled concurrent access for multiple users. Based on a GeoMedia Smart Client technology the solution facilitates data exchange with partner institutions, reporting to regulatory authorities and the communication with citizens. The geospatial solution can be used on any type of utility infrastructure, no matter the size and complexity, enhancing the productivity, while reducing the costs and maximizing the return on investment in the IT software.

It is a unique project in Romania from the point of view of implementing new ways of communication with customers. The application has a notifications system via both SMS and e-mail. Also, on the company’s website is displayed a map that will show in real-time the status of the heating distribution system. Anytime, from any devices, customers can see where outages occurred, for what reasons and how long the repair works.


To improve:

  • business process
  • customer satisfaction
  • network operations
  • outage management
  • asset management
  • other maintenance issues
  • reducing the costs of operating network management
  • Accurate, location-based inventory of the network assets
  • Network configuration control features
  • Thermodynamic modeling of the heating network Automatically generates topology network with data validation during data input  
  • Data is integrated and exchanged with stakeholders
  • Technical data management & network planning during the entire life cycle of the network
  • Data collection interfaces and dissemination instruments
  • Specially designed features has streamlined incidents, outages and ongoing works management
  • Integration with other SCADA, CRM, ERP solutions

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