Open MAGIC (Open Mining Activity and Geoscience Center) – a solution for Romania’s mineral resources administration

Open MAGIC (Open Mining Activity and Geoscience Center)
Environmental Monitoring and Decision Support System

 NAMR is among the GIS pioneers in Romania, by implementing a geospatial solution as early as 1999, for the management of mining licenses, a first step to support Romania’s effort to reconstruct its mining sector by introducing a modern system to issue mining licenses.

Ever since 1999, through the “Project on mines closure and mitigation of the social impact", financed by the World Bank, ANRM implemented a national database for the mining sector, made in accordance with The Law of Mining, which also included a geospatial component for visualizing the mining perimeters of exploration and extraction in order to monitor, develop and promote the concessions for mineral resources.
NAMR, as the competent authority, strengthen its position regarding its responsibilities established by The Law of Mining, of coordinating and following the compliance with the laws and methodologies of the mining sector, of managing geological data and licensing for leasing, achieving a major step toward eliminating the State's direct role in mining activities and in transferring these mining activities to the Private Sector.
Through the “Project of decreasing the risks in the case of natural disasters and preparedness for emergency situations,” financed with a World Bank loan and through a grant of the Global Environment Facility, in 2012, ANRM expanded this system by implementing a new module: monitoring the environmental impact of mining operations and preparing for emergency situations.

The first objective of this project is establishing a system that monitors the impact of mining operation upon the environment: water, air, soil.
The solution to this problem was an IT system that helped NAMR to see an evolution in time of environmental factors, stability and behavior in time of spoil tips and tailing ponds, thus supporting the prevention planning, preparation, alarming and intervention in case of emergencies in the mining sector.
The system cover the inventory of all mining operations in various conservation stages, monitoring environment issues and mining processes by integrating information from different sensors and inspection reports. 

As a natural continuation with its own financial effort, using the same geospatial platform, the solution "OPEN MAGIC" was extended in the coming years to integrate other activities under the responsibility of the NAMR and "Book of oil and record petroleum agreements" or the calculation of the national level reserves.



  • Development and implementation of a national database for the mining sector, carried out in accordance with the Mining Law
  • Development and implementation of a geospatial component for the exploration and exploitation mining perimeters to develop and promote concessions for mineral resources
  • The automation of some useful analyzes related to the positioning, characteristics or current stage of the perimeters according to the criteria introduced by the analyst (the relationship with national roads or localities, etc.)
  • Establishing a system that monitors the impact of mining operation upon the environment: water, air, soil.



The National Agency for Mineral Resources (NAMR), established in 1993, is a specialized central public body under Government’s subordination, being Competent Authority under Petroleum Law and Mining Law representing the state interests in the field of petroleum and mineral resources, mainly responsible for:

  • administration of petroleum and mineral resources (ores, industrial minerals, aggregates) and the national geological fund, public property of the State
  • granting and issuing  of all petroleum agreements/mining licenses and permits
  • regulating thepetroleum operationsandmining activitiesby issuing secondary legislation, regulationsandtechnical instructions
  • setting up the National Geological Fund  and the National Mineral Resources Fund

NAMR developed and implemented a database system for the petroleum and mining sector, a tool for monitoring and implementing the Petroleum/Mining Laws, which enables data gathering, storage, administration, modification and analysis regarding petroleum agreements/licenses/ permits. A geographic visualization system (GIS) has been integrated for the exploration/ exploitation perimeters, support for the promotion of petroleum/ mineral resources concessions. The main modules are: Perimetres, Licenses, Deposits, Mines, Geological Index, Mining/Petroleum Register,  Resources and Reserves, Financial – Royalty and environmental guarantees payments, Reports, Administration

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