Mobile MapWorks

Mobile MapWorks unleashes tablet-based field inspection and editing.

Mobile MapWorks provides configurable, simple-to-deploy mobile mapping apps for consumer devices that provide real-time connection to most GIS platforms. With Mobile MapWorks, organizations can enable staff to mark-up and edit their enterprise GIS records directly from the field using consumer mobile devices. Downloadable as an iOS and Android app, it is simple to configure and deploy and, by using consumer devices, the costs are significantly reduced, enabling organizations to extend mobile mapping capabilities to far more users.

Mobile MapWorks provides quick navigation and map display with precise indication of GPS position. It enables search for features based on attribute values. Mobile MapWorks uses Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)-standard web services to connect to data. This makes the app compatible with all GIS platforms on the market and lets users work directly with their database without the need for data conversion, synchronization, or temporary data stores. The result is more current, accurate, and complete information.


Boost Productivity

Speed data capture and information flows with simple-to-use, task-oriented tools that can support all types of field and site inspections workflows.


Dramatically Cut Costs

 Consumer devices, combined with easy configuration and deployment, dramatically cuts the cost of connecting the field to GIS.


Simplify Deployment

Easily define permissions, work areas, tools, and workflows to the needs of each task and user group.


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