Ministry of Internal Affairs selected Intergraph Computer Services to provide specialized IT solutions

Ministry of Internal Affairs selected Intergraph Computer Services to provide specialized IT solutions and integrated platforms for better law enforcement, resource management, emergency response and recovery. Ministry of Internal Affairs is the main public order and security beneficiary for tailored products and services furnished by and through Intergraph Computer Services.

By implementing this solutions, the Ministry of Internal Affairs aligns with European standards promoted to European Commission level and COSI (Standing Committee on Internal Security) referring to the European Union Internal Security Strategy. This way, principles like intelligence led‐policing, actionable information, information sharing and operative cooperation in case of crisis situations in public order is also be supported by this system.

We build a National Infrastructure of Virtual Operational Centers and interconnect all agencies from public safety and order area. Working together with the law enforcement agencies we succeeded to create a national register for all public safety and order agencies at the national level. We eliminate parallel reporting of different institutions about the same event and through adopting standardized data model, standardized workflows and geospatial algorithms to detect similar events we succeed to create virtual common operational centers with all forces interconnected that are responsible on the same territory. Now, if an event is reported at the national level, every unit is notified based on geospatial and competence criteria and can contribute to rise the situation awareness based on his deployed resources and collected information.

More than 300 command centers, including National Center for Operational Situations Management are using with success geospatial platform, customized for Ministry of Internal Affairs internal needs, integrated with 112-National Emergency Call Number platform. As a result, faster response, better communications and efficient resource management is now operational for the benefit of millions of civilians in all 41 Romanian counties and Bucharest. Large national events, huge meetings, emergency situations are now carefully monitored and managed.

Nevertheless, National Border Police is using throughout the country Intergraph solution for border and resources management, improving this way the services provided at the border crossing point and along green and blue borders.

National Police is maybe the best positioned for law enforcement and decision making using several integrated Hexagon solutions as a result of different European financed projects:

  • SEIMD-Electronic Integrated Document Management System,
  • SNRI-National System for Incident Reporting,
  • RNAI-Integrated National Register for Weapons,

This new ways of better performing police activities allows and not only:

  • Recording and tracking petitions and notifications
  • The management of criminal cases from registration to settlement
  • Incident management and events of police accountability
  • Planning police agent’s activity
  • Analysis of data collected
  • Perpetrators/Criminals profiling

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