Intelligent management of the water & sewer infrastructure

Intelligent management of the water & sewer
S.C. CUP S.A. Focșani uses geospatial solution for smart water & sewer infrastructure management

One of the most important aspects of a city’s critical infrastructure is it’s water and sewer infrastructure.

S.C. CUP S.A. Focșani is managing the water and sewer services in all the cities of Vrancea county, Romania. Only in the city of Focșani the company manages a water and sewer infrastructure of over 15.000 km and serves over 80.000 households. The company was in need of prioritizing investment budgets, in need to find out where the losses from their network is coming from, and to increase the quality of the services they provide.

For a better management of their water and sewer infrastructure, the company chose to implement a specialized instrument developed by Intergraph Computer Services.

The solution is based on a standard WEB technology that facilitates the exchange of data with partner institutions, the reportation to regulatory authorities and the communication with citizens. Through analysis and visualization, M.App Enterprise helps them determine where to prioritize water infrastructure investment.

This way, the performance and productivity of integrated management of the water and sewer infrastructure, giving operational and strategic advantages by integrating all the data in one interactive map.

The competencies and capabilities obtained through using the geospatial solution implemented by Intergraph Computer Services ensures the aggregation of data, support decision makers and reduce costs, so the organization becomes more dynamic, and the decisions wiser


Implementing a system that grants the local water and sewer services provider the power to enhance their activity, by offering support information for:

  • Technical inventory of the infrastructure
  • Increase the quality of the services they provide
  • Planning/Projecting investments
  • Development and upgrade of the infrastructure
  • Maintenance and exploiment of the infrastructure
  • Customer relations


A modern software based on GIS technology (Geographic Informational System) that optimizes all the operational, tactic and strategic activities.

The geospatial solution can be used on any type of water and sewer infrastructure, no matter the size and complexity, enhancing the productivity while reducing the costs and maximizing the return on investment in the IT software.

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