Geospatial Electronic Registry of the Administrative Territorial Unit Borders

For the first time in Romania, every level of administrative territorial borders was identified by specific cadaster and legal information so that property registration to the higher administrative territorial unit could be completed.


The needs of National Agency for Cadaster and Land Registration is constant increasingly and becoming more complex and critical. We understand those needs and provide solutions that enable our customer to organize vast amounts of data into understandable visual presentations and actionable intelligence.


Through this project, the foundation was established for national administrative territorial unit border list of values, used for updating existing legislation regarding territorial borders. These ensure data storage and management in a unified and unique national system of all geographical coordinates that describe administrative territorial unit borders.


Our geospatial solutions implemented at enterprise, multi‐branch levels and support decision‐makers increase productivity, reduce costs, and maximize return on data investments.


The valuable databases created by implementing land information management geospatial solutions, are capitalized at national levels as background INSPIRE standardized database. Today, this database is offered for free to all institutions that require administrative geographical distribution for their information, eliminating the background map maintenance cost. All companies benefit from using the same administrative territorial unit in order to provide new services for citizens.

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