GeoMedia Smart Client

GeoMedia Smart Client
In Office or Field



Today, stakeholders across your organization know the value of geographic information, but often lack the expertise to run a traditional desktop GIS. Online maps delivered by a web GIS are helpful, but these implementations often do not support the specific geospatial workflows required. Today, users need the power of GIS not as a horizontal technology, but delivered in vertical, market-focused workflows.

The vast majority of people who could really benefit from geospatial data need more than what a lightweight, browser-based web map can deliver. Likewise, they don’t have the time or expertise to learn a technically demanding desktop environment. These users are eager to geospatially accelerate their business workflows and ignite the power of GIS. This requires a new approach: work outside the passive and limiting departmental deployments of the GIS that have plagued organizations for decades.


Streamlined Workflows

Untangle users from non-essential tasks and focus their effort through highly-productive, map-based workflows.


Sophisticated Tools

Guide users through the execution of complex tasks, without compromising accuracy or productivity.


Versatile GIS

A single deployment supports an unlimited number of users in the office and the field, making this the perfect GIS for a smarter organization.


Tools to build and deliver highly-constrained, map-based workflows.

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