The deficiencies in the district heating system in Oradea, announced by SMS

Damages announced by SMS or e-mail. Oradians will know in the shortest possible time where problems occurred in the operation of the district heating system, for what reasons and how long the repair works. Everything is possible through an application soon available on the local heating company website. 

The application on Oradea Heating Company's website will display a map that will show in real-time the situation of the thermal transport system. Based on a search engine for the app, Oradians can find out if a damage affects the area they live in. For this, it is sufficient to enter the address or the number of the thermal point to which they are assigned.

The application also has an alert system via both SMS and e-mail. When a fault occurs, the contract holder and those who have the email addresses entered in the contract will receive both SMS and email with the duration of the interruption, the reasons and the estimated time for the resumption of services", says Dan Cretu , spokesman for Oradea Termoficarea.

The new way of communication is appreciated by the heads of the owners' associations. They acknowledge that they have hitherto been aware of failures or disruptions in advertisements published in the press.

"Now, we get a sms that we display, the staff at the headquarters of the association know from the cashier. Normally, if people dial a phone, we can officially tell them what they need to know , " says Alexandru Butiri , president of an association owners of Oradea.

The district heating system in Oradea has been the subject of extensive rehabilitation works in recent years.

 "Oradea is at an advanced stage, the most advanced, regarding the rehabilitation of the district heating system. We have attracted more European funds in this respect." We have completed and executed construction works , "says Mircea Mălan , Deputy Mayor of Oradea. 

"Any of the important points that must be fulfilled in a management strategy for the district heating system, each one has a final goal: the degree of satisfaction of the client, the citizen , " said Stănel Necula , director of Oradea Heating Company.

The application by which the damage to the Oradea district heating system is announced by SMS or e-mail will be available in the coming days.

Source: Digi24 TV 
The application is implemented by Intergraph Computer Services, Romania. 

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