Smart M.Apps for EDU Education Program


Smart M.Apps for Education


Build the M.App of the Future

Hexagon Geospatial invites students, professors, and research scientists to build the M.App of the future. Hexagon Smart M.Apps are not your ordinary static maps – they are analytical services portrayed over a map.

M.App Portfolio is a cloud-based geospatial platform that can be used to design, build and host Hexagon Smart M.Apps and core geospatial web services for building geospatial cloud applications.

The Smart M.Apps for EDU program includes everything you need to build your own Smart M.App.

Smart M.Apps for EDU program also includes Hexagon Geospatial product SDKs and HGDN specific parts of the Hexagon Geospatial Community. Educators, researchers, and students can access Hexagon Geospatial's development toolkits to modify the commercial version of selected software products or develop entirely new applications to extend the capabilities of the software to meet specific project needs.

Classroom and Department Tiers

Smart M.App Classroom and Smart M.App Department tiers consist of annual subscriptions to:

  • M.App Studio– Interactive, web-based workroom for designing, building and publishing Hexagon Smart M.Apps
  • M.App Chest – Online geospatial content hosting and delivery service
  • M.App Reader – Cloud-based viewer for online data holdings
  • Incident Analyzer – Dynamic analysis on incident data using interactive dashboard
  • Area Analyzer – Explore and discern spatial patterns in area-based data
  • IMAGINE M.App Connect - Allows ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 and higher users to upload spatial recipes to the Smart M.App cloud
  • Spatial Modeler SDK - C++ toolkit for building, modifying, and running workflows on geospatial data
  • GeoMedia Objects - GIS and cartographic functions for building GIS solutions based on GeoMedia platform
  • Mobile SDK - Create and manage geospatial data and asset information in real-time in the field
  • Hexagon Geospatial U Community – Online community where tutorials, presentations, and example data are available to university educators for geospatial technology curriculum and academic research projects

Smart M.App Research Grant

The Smart M.App Research Grant is available through the M.App Exchange as an individual-use subscription to anyone in academia with an active .edu email address. It includes an annual subscription to everything in Smart M.Apps for EDU program at an education subscription rate of $100 per year. Request more information on the Smart M.Apps for EDU program.

Training Curriculum Grant Program 2018

Universities participating in any Hexagon Geospatial U Program (including Smart M.Apps) will have an opportunity to compete for four $5,000 grants in 2018 by creating training curriculum. Contact Mike Lane for information and requirements.

DigitalGlobe Foundation Content Partnership

In order to advance technology and continue growth, Hexagon Geospatial has partnered with the DigitalGlobe Foundation to provide academia with the appropriate software to solve real world problems with innovation.

DigitalGlobe Foundation supplies imagery to support educational projects. In conjunction, Hexagon Geospatial will provide free short project licenses to approved students and professors to complete their proposed projects.

Hexagon Geospatial will provide support to determine the pertinent software to use from the Power Portfolio, the M.App Portfolio, and the duration of the license for the extent of the project.

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