SIAFIM – Satellite Images Analysis for Fire Monitoring

The research project is undertaken in the Research, Development and Innovation Program - Space Technology and Advanced Research, with ROSA as leader organization of the program. The project aims to monitor forest fires by analysis of satellite imagery and development of a global system for predicting forest fires and their spreading.

The partners of ICS (coordinator) for this project are Bucharest University - Center for Environmental Research and Conducting Impact Studies – CCMESI, National Institute for Research and Development in Optoelectronics – INOE 2000, The Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence "Mihai
Drăgănescu" (ICIA) of Romanian Academy; Intergraph Computer Services has the quality of the lead organization of the program. The project aims is monitoring forest fires through analysis of satellite images and development of a global outbreak prediction and propagation of forest fires. The project results are a standardized database structure, a mathematical model for dynamic analysis of relevant indicators for causing forest fires adapted to Romanian geographical space, a set of maps of vulnerability to fire that are consulted by geospatial implementation application of client, or called as web services available in the cloud.


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