Server Educational Program

Educational Program

The Geospatial Server Educational License includes a package to manage all of your geospatial network resources. With this offering, students and educators can organize, store, send, and process geospatial data on-demand through a reliable system. You can purchase this package on an annual or permanent basis, and it includes software licenses of the following core products:


ERDAS APOLLO Professional
ERDAS APOLLO is a comprehensive data management, analysis, and delivery system. It efficiently organizes massive volumes of data, including imagery, vectors, terrain, LiDAR, web services, and virtually any digital object. Organize and catalog all of the university’s digital assets and data in one centralized repository to be able to search and find data when you need it. ERDAS APOLLO is an interoperable OGC/ ISO-based solution so students will learn about industry standardized web services like WMS, WCS, WFS, and so forth.


GeoMedia Smart Client Professional
GeoMedia Smart Client is an enterprise GIS system that provides tools to build and deliver highly-constrained, map-based workflows in the classroom or out in the field. Students will learn valuable skills around server technology, mobility applications, and customized workflow creation that will prepare them for the workforce.


GeoMedia WebMap Professional
Publish the maps you create with GeoMedia to the web using GeoMedia WebMap. Deploy interactive websites with powerful capabilities to build and modify analytic workflows such as dynamic segmentation and linear referencing on the web. Students will take GIS to the next level working with enterprise and web technologies. Students will learn GIS along with website integration.


Geospatial Portal
Geospatial Portal is a client geo-browser used in conjunction with ERDAS APOLLO and GeoMedia WebMap. It is the web user interface to search for data in the catalog, or to display and work with the map deployed from GeoMedia WebMap. Students will learn how to connect to geospatial servers, search and retrieve data of interest, and other essential GIS functionality via Enterprise technology.


Geospatial SDI
Geospatial SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) takes the standardization of geospatial data and web services to the next level. Geospatial SDI offers an extensive set of web services, extending those offered in GeoMedia WebMap and ERDAS APOLLO for SDI implementations. Students will learn the importance of interoperability and data standardization in the spatial industry.

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