M.App Enterprise

M.App Enterprise
EMPOWERED SOLUTIONS Provide and share your own Smart M.Apps and enable your organization to dynamically address their location-based challenges.


M.App Enterprise is an on-premises platform for creating geospatial apps for your organization. M.App Enterprise stores your imagery, vector and point clouds, workflows, analytics, and queries, all accessible in one place from an easy-to-use user interface.

With the M.App Enterprise platform, you can build and deploy your own geospatial applications, called Hexagon Smart M.Apps, to solve your organization's business problems. Hexagon Smart M.Apps are cloud-based targeted, lightweight, and dynamic apps that provide answers and present information in a visual and compelling way.

Smart M.Apps revolutionize the way we envision, experience and communicate geographic information. These targeted information services combine fresh geospatial content and workflows to deliver an interactive experience that  includes a map and a dashboard of insightful analytics. Now everyone in an organization can analyze and view the information that is relevant to business success.

M.App Enterprise delivers a privately hosted solution for organizations that want to realize the value of a Smart M.App deployment, but stay within the confines of their enterprise network.




Enterprise Access 

Deliver Smart M.Apps to Your Organization in a Controlled Environment.


Dynamic, Interactive Information Services 

Present information in a simple-to-digest and visually compelling experience.



Accessible Across Your Network from Any Device 

Robust multi-core and distributed batch processing for almost any job.


With M.App Enterprise, you can access Smart M.Apps anywhere within your organization's network for real-time answers.

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