ERDAS APOLLO provides the greatest flexibility for geospatial data delivery, enabling dissemination into any client, on any device.


Do you have large volumes of geospatial information, regularly updated data stores, and a distributed user base? Do you need a single, integrated enterprise-class, spatial data infrastructure? Is your image delivery performance fast and efficient enough for you?
ERDAS® APOLLO provides comprehensive data management and delivery. This includes organizing geospatial and business data into a centralized library, and distributing that data from the cloud or on-premise. Complete with a variety of delivery options, ERDAS APOLLO consistently delivers geospatial data faster and with less hardware than competing server-based products. Implementing an out-of-the-box, service-oriented architecture (SOA), ERDAS APOLLO can be customized and extended to satisfy both your geospatial and business process requirements.




Fastest Server

Distribute massive amounts of imagery to thousands of users from a single server.


Catalog ALL of Your Data

Save time by centralizing all of your disparate data – including business documents – in one single, searchable catalog.


Data on Demand

Empower users to create value-added data without assistance from domain experts.



Centralize your geospatial information metadata with scheduled crawling and harvesting of regularly updated data holdings. ERDAS APOLLO enables powerful workflows for describing, styling, securing, cataloging, and publishing geospatial and non-spatial data in the enterprise. After cataloging the data, end users can then easily perform in-depth searches on the catalog using powerful metadata and spatial search tools within the Geospatial Portal.


ERDAS APOLLO includes the fastest image delivery system on the market: the high-performance streaming imagery protocol ECWP. ECWP allows you to serve over 5,000 clients with a single server. If you prefer, ERDAS APOLLO also supports the tiled delivery of data. In comparison benchmarks, ERDAS APOLLO consistently delivers more data, more quickly, using less hardware than other image serving products. ERDAS APOLLO supports common industry standards for image deployment, including Esri’s GeoServices protocol and OpenGIS™ Web Map service specifications. 


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