Desktop Educational Program

Desktop Educational Program

Classroom Licenses
Five- and fifteen-seat (combine in any quantities needed) annual or permanent concurrent licenses of:

Free Student Licenses
In the Geospatial Educational Desktop Core program, students can obtain free software licenses for use in the comfort of their own home. Student licenses must be administered by the university and are available at no additional cost in quantities of 25 seats per Core license purchased (125 for 5-seat Level 1 and 375 for 15-seat Level 2). With this package, students can benefit from a 52-week offering of the Geospatial Educational Desktop Core program, free of charge, along with online tutorials. These licenses are offered on an annual basis only, and include all add-ons that are in the Geospatial Educational Desktop Core program package, but do not include maintenance support.

Add-on Product Licenses
These add-on modules are available at an additional, but education-discounted price to holders of the Geospatial Educational Desktop Core License:


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Please contact our business partner GEOSYSTEMS to inquire about an ATCOR license for atmospheric and topographic correction of images.

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