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Intergraph Computer Services

 Intergraph Computer Services (ICS) is a registered Romanian company with its headquarters in Bucharest. Since 1995, ICS has developed and implemented a wide range of geospatial solutions bringing together specialized knowledge, data and advanced technologies to generate actionable information in order to make wiser operational, tactical and strategic decisions.

Intergraph Computer Services is committed to developing and providing complex geospatial solutions that make sense from data and information in order to sustain decisions for a broad range of key industries.

As a trusted and well established pioneer on local geospatial market, building on its solid engineering heritage and open standards architecture, our main objective is to understand customer’s domain, to identify their real needs and to develop the solutions with the biggest impact in daily activities using state‐of‐the‐art technologies.

Intergraph Computer Services is the geospatial solutions provider of more than 100 national, regional and local government agencies, utilities and telco companies, local administrations from Romania and Republic of Moldova.


What we aspire to be

We aim to develop a center of excellence for generating knowledge, solutions and applications for geo-information management. What all citizens have in common is that they live in the same geographical area, and geo-decisions are required to raise the quality standard in public services. Improving the quality of life of communities is done by making public services more efficient.

 The way we choose

Our pre-configured solutions highlight the exact location of resources and beneficiaries, the ultimate result being the integration of information across the institution into a unique system, tailored to each client.






Live Geospatial!

 *X is what we have in mind when we deliver solutions that fits our customer needs

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